//Opinion: Out-of-Touch Writers Pushing Cali Agenda, Call U.S. Archaic

Opinion: Out-of-Touch Writers Pushing Cali Agenda, Call U.S. Archaic

Hundreds of publications on Medium, a blog-esque posting platform where free-thinkers have the ability to openly post whatever they want, are officially pushing the California agenda, a term coined by right-leaning voters to describe Peter Leydon and other authors’ works on Medium. Leydon, an apparent businessman, has pushed the article “California Is the Future of American Politics” to new extremes.

The article was initially published on October 4, 2017, but it’s a glaring example of what has been peddled as the future of America, and what, as well as more importantly, who, is keeping that future from existing. It’s an article that was the inception of the California agenda on the blogging site, and one that is frequently still commented on today.

The whole ideology that California is the future of American politics strikes into the size of California as a whole. With the state making up a massive portion of the entire US population, as well as the state having the world’s fifth largest economy all by its lonesome, it’s not too far-fetched to think of California as a leader in many ways.

To think that California is a leader in politics, however, may be a bad idea. With extremely high taxes, poverty rates through the roof, a massive amount of drug addiction as well as drug manufacturing accompanied by a failed launch of the marijuana free market, one that only allowed legal businesses to stem as cash-based businesses, as well as strict gun laws leading to no beneficial outcome, the state is a mess. There are wildfires constantly, many of which are initiated by outdated transmission lines from PG&E and other companies solely because they can’t get proper funding or rates increases to be able to afford to replace them.

The state’s political leadership includes the likes of Nancy Pelosi, someone who has failed to follow her own political agenda when it comes to Covid legislation (remember her hair salon visit where she accused the owner of setting her up?), and someone who has a disheveled district in her wings. It also includes Newsome, who praised Trump for his coronavirus response only to flip and jump on the Democrat bandwagon and blame him for all those deaths that occurred in California, none of which were apparently his own fault.

The state continues to lead in overdose-related deaths, violence-based deaths, medical malpractice deaths as well as lawsuits, politically-backed fraud including fake ballots and ballots sent to the dead or to pets, and numerous other complete failures. Yet, it is apparently now the future of American politics according to some.

If this is the future of America, we are in for a rude awakening. Peter Leydon and Ruy Teixeira continue to say that we are stuck between two historical eras where the baby boomers continue to push an uneducated vote for the right while all those “enlightened” vote for the left. The blatant disrespect from one side to the other is what continues and will continue to push voters into the arms of Donald Trump, or individuals like him who simply will not take their crap.

Alma Ralph is a One2Sea News Contributor. Alma writes for numerous publications online and has a degree in International Relations.