//What Happened to One2Sea?

What Happened to One2Sea?

One2Sea is a proud, but small opinion-based media organization. In early April, One2Sea was served multiple lawsuits from a left-wing media giant, and unfortunately had to cease all operations immediately.

While this media giant attempted to censor our opinions and any facts that we provided in our news articles, we eventually forced them to settle the matter out of court and resolved all disputes without any action required on the One2Sea team’s part.

Unfortunately, this did cause major damage to us. We lost advertisement sponsorship from multiple companies, almost all of our funds to litigation, and thousands of followers across multiple social media outlets as we fell victim to multiple brutal attacks from left-wing media corporations.

While we continue to rebuild, we appreciate your support in the cause for fighting for truth in our world news. We do, however, also ask for continued patience as we try to rebuild our empire from the ground up.