//Why the Left Doesn’t Understand Trump

Why the Left Doesn’t Understand Trump

Many people criticize the President for his shortcomings. “Oh he promised a wall, and he’s going to build a fence.” “He promised that North Korea would denuclearize, and they haven’t.” “He said he will take down NAFTA, but it’s still here and with a new deal.” There have been thousands of these psuedo-sayings thrown around showing the President is only “capable” of accomplishing roughly half of what he’s promised. What people don’t realize is this is how business is done.

If one were to read “Trump: The Art of the Deal,” they would then realize that this is exactly how a successful businessman operates. When this businessman is plunked into politics, you bet they’re going to run everything the same way as they would a company. In fact, Trump’s ideology as a President shows that he has carried stable business tactics with him to the office.

When someone shows their cards completely, they’ll never get the deal they were looking for. Instead, the President comes forward with an ideological desire to get 40-50% of what he is asking for, and that is how businesses are successful. The President didn’t get NAFTA eliminated like he stated he would in an extreme fashion, but he tried to show a desire as if that’s what he wanted, and instead got NAFTA to rework its deals to be more transparent and fair between the countries participating. No, the President didn’t get DPRK to completely denuclearize, but he did get them to talk about it and improved relations between their country and ours for the first time in decades. Have you noticed that they stopped shooting off missiles every 5 minutes?

If the President comes forward and says that he wants a 30-foot tall steel barrier across the entire border, obviously he knows that would be way too expensive to actually implement, albeit it would be very successful. But slowly he has won in a war of attrition in the debate to at least improve border security, and thus billions are now being spent to do so.

When we think of Trump’s presidency, we shouldn’t think of it in terms of him not accomplishing the extremes, but instead of him accomplishing small feats incrementally that have led to the improvement of the country across the board. This is simply why the left will continue to not understand Trump, as they see that he hasn’t “fulfilled” on his extreme promises, but are unable to recognize that he has actually succeeded in his desired wants and needs for the country simply by the art of negotiation.