//Social Media Censors Conservatives, But Not Criminals

Social Media Censors Conservatives, But Not Criminals

Twitter has come forward and said they want to identify Trump’s tweets in a different color as others. Facebook wants to go after white-led nationalist groups, but doesn’t acknowledge there are 2.8x as many black-led nationalist groups. Diamond and Silk get shut down. There are so many other examples, a countless amount, of conservatives getting censored across social media.

However, the real issue isn’t about conservatives versus liberals being censored anymore. It’s about the fact that even criminals aren’t censored, showing that social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook prioritize even criminals over those that lean right in their view. Is it that bad to lean right? Why are conservatives grouped in lower than even the cartels in Mexico who openly manufacture, distribute, and sell drugs and even murder people openly?

Social media has continued to follow a very blatantly-displayed viewpoint that the left is “right,” and the right is dead to them. Opinions are censored more than anything else, but even criminal groups can openly talk on these platforms without issues.

Want some proof of this? In early 2018, a bombshell report was released by the Daily Wire providing proof to the open censorship by Twitter employees. According to the article, “The report, based on undercover videos, shows Twitter employees admitting that they “shadow ban” right-leaning accounts, which essentially bans them from the platform without letting them know that they have been banned while allowing left-leaning accounts to slip through without the same scrutiny.”

The article also says, “Another Twitter employee, Pranay Singh, admitted that the majority of their algorithms are geared in such a manner that they target people with certain political views.”

“I would say majority of it are for Republicans,” Singh said.

On the flip-side, here’s good ole’ Ivan Guzman’s Twitter. The Cartel is welcome to freely speak across social media, but conservatives are not.