//POTUS May Appoint ‘Immigration Czar’ to Lock Down Immigration Issues

POTUS May Appoint ‘Immigration Czar’ to Lock Down Immigration Issues

Rumor has it that the President is looking to appoint an “immigration czar” to help him clean up the government’s current immigration problem. This would be to help him coordinate the government’s authority over border security, the labor supply, visas, and asylum law, at least according to the Associated Press.

The AP stated:
“The Trump administration is considering bringing on a “border” or “immigration czar” to coordinate the president’s immigration policies across various federal agencies, according to three people familiar with the discussions.

Trump is weighing two potential candidates for the post: Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli — two far-right conservatives with strong views on immigration, according to the people, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the conversations publicly.”

The report, however, does not say if the appointee would be responsible for the border only, or if they are responsible for more broad issues related to immigration.

The coordinator is also somewhat of a necessity because several agencies deal with immigration issues, which is becoming difficult to manage. As it stands, the current border wall implementation is being managed by the Corp of Engineers from the Pentagon and the DHS.

A White House czar “could work, but it is often a bureaucratic way to be seen as doing something,” said Mark Krikorian, who is the Director of the Center for Immigration Studies. “It is probably is a good idea to have one person oversee all the immigration stuff … but if you just have a border czar, I’m not sure how useful that is.”

He added, “It certainly could not hurt — but it would depend on who it was and how much juice that person had compared to other people in the administration.”  Also, he said the czar “should be somebody who does nothing but immigration.”

He also noted: “The fact is that we have a DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen who does not agree with the administration … Clearly, if there was a DHS Secretary who actually shared the administration’s professed goals on immigration, of tightening up the labor market as well as enforcing the border, that would help.”

This portion may not be as transparent, though, as Kirstjen Nielsen has seemingly marched hand in hand with the President’s decisions as of late.

Regardless, it is apparent that some sort of coordinator position could help shed some light on a currently dim situation, especially as upwards of 25,000 individuals are marching toward the American border.