//Liberal 9th Circuit No Longer as Trump Reshapes Seats

Liberal 9th Circuit No Longer as Trump Reshapes Seats

Get ready for more consistency in the judiciary front of our government.

President Trump has continued his victory march by accomplishing something that no other President has in the last three decades.

Republican-appointed judges will soon be occupying roughly half of the seats on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, a court that is notoriously left-leaning. This is a massive blow to progressives and groups pushing the liberal agenda through the courts.

The transformation of this San Francisco-based court is partially due to the President’s aggressive push to continue nominating primarily conservative judges. This has led to protests from California’s two Democrat senators, Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, who have cried afoul that it’s not fair the President hasn’t “consulted” Democrat senators on the topic.

“As the 9th Circuit shifts to become more conservative and better parallels the Supreme Court’s ideological baseline, I could only imagine fewer liberal 9th Circuit decisions and fewer overturned 9th Circuit decisions generally,” legal scholar Adam Feldman said.

He also noted, “As a general statement, with the death of Ninth Circuit Judge Stephen Reinhardt and Trump’s push for conservative judges to fill the circuit, I suspect that there will be a noticeable shift in a portion of ideological case outcomes.”

“The general notion that the Supreme Court may not be looking to overturn liberal 9th Circuit decisions to the same extent as it has in the past is clear,” Feldman said.

This is seen as yet another victory to the Trump supporting base, and the momentum carrying the President and his supporters will most likely continue to additional upcoming changes.