//Comey Says Russia Succeeded ‘Beyond its Wildest Dreams’

Comey Says Russia Succeeded ‘Beyond its Wildest Dreams’

In a not-so-shocking revelation, Comey has come forward to participate with CNN and mentioned that Russia succeeded beyond its wildest dreams in interfering with the US’s 2016 Presidential election.

With some weak evidence, many in the intelligence agencies have come forward to insist that Russia did interfere, however, there has been minimal to no evidence of collusion.

Russia may have interfered based on multiple professional opinions, but was it on the scale of what Comey is saying? Probably not. In fact, there is little evidence that it was government-sponsored. In fact, had Russian wanted to heavily interfere, it probably would have been more beneficial for them to interfere by electing Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, who has a history of playing ball with the Russians.

According to cybersecurity company TriVault, there were over 12400 Russian bots detected by their services and tools analyzing whether they were interfering with the election through social media. However, the company also states that the evidence only goes so far as tracing back the re-routing of multiple IP addresses, but it could just be that interference is being re-run through servers held in Russia, and not by Russians themselves.

Conversely, roughly the same number of bots were performing the same activities within the United States as well. Again, there are millions of bots and of multiple varieties, but this subset does shed some light on reality.

Russia’s interference was not to the extent that it succeeded beyond its wildest dreams, though. That is definitely an exaggeration by the former FBI director.