//Biden ‘MeToo’ Movement Came Too Early

Biden ‘MeToo’ Movement Came Too Early

The potential 2020 Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, has been accused of being just a little bit too “friendly” with multiple women. Of course, we’ve known this for quite some time. The former VP has had quite a bit of time to come up with any defensive stories that he wants to as well.

The real problem is that the election is more than a year and a half away, and this is coming out now, which goes to show that with the limelight of media and the speed in which news travels has an impact, and Joe will probably slither right on by this.

Realistically, if we remember back to the 2016 election, the email probe into Hillary Clinton kicked off much too soon, and thus the majority of the country moved on and just didn’t seem to care after some time.

This will probably be the case here, too. The only way to fix this is just to keep reminding voters of who this guy really is when it comes time to actually vote.