//20,000 Caravan Coming to US Border Spells National Emergency

20,000 Caravan Coming to US Border Spells National Emergency

DHS and CBP have continuously warned that they are at their limits in terms of preventing illegal immigration through our southern border.

The Democrats have continuously slated the President as a liar, insinuating that the border efforts are not a national emergency. Nonetheless, a 20,000 member caravan has formed and is referred to as the “mother of all caravans.” Mexico has warned that this group is planning to come up from Honduras.

President Trump has completely cut support funding to Honduras as well as a few other countries in reference to their lack of efforts to prevent their citizens from leaving and illegally crossing into the United States via Mexico.

This is all while another group of 2,500 Central Americans and Cubans are traveling through Chiapas.

Some say that criminal groups and cartels are transporting migrants up to the northern border once they reach Tapachula and charging them thousands of dollars for that service; however, with virtually no economies in the countries they are coming from, there is no real way for these individuals to have that kind of money, unless it was gifted to them by groups with ulterior motives.

Interior Secretary Sánchez.