//Democrats Cry Climate Change But Don’t Support Clean Nuclear Power

Democrats Cry Climate Change But Don’t Support Clean Nuclear Power

The same groups of Democrats continuously crying over climate change potentially ending civilization in 12 years are also fighting against nuclear power, one of the cleanest power sources in the energy industry.

With roughly half of the nation’s nuclear power plants slated to those and most energy interconnects predicting that the grid will not be stable enough to maintain 24/7 power come the winter of 2021, these Democrats haven’t uttered a word of concern.

The increasingly “cheap” cost of opening/maintaining natural gas plants as well as the lower cost of natural gas due to fracking has led us to the situation where nuclear plants can no longer compete for pricing markets, and so instead major companies have tried to approach getting subsidies to keep these plants open. FERC and NERC have decided against this and multiple interconnects, which are funded by the grouping of energy companies they monitor, have also declined the measures saying that natural gas will be able to keep the grid stable.

No Democrat has yet to step up and recommend the cleaner energy option of Nuclear power be subsidized, something Democrats typically do. This just goes to show that these individuals don’t actually care about the climate like they say they do, and instead are just trying to win re-election by going after the same policies that are “trending” with demographics in their wheel house.