//CNN Contributor Calling For AG Barr’s Resignation

CNN Contributor Calling For AG Barr’s Resignation

A CNN Contributor has started a movement calling for the Attorney General, William Barr, to resign. This isn’t related to what you would think it is, though. As Democrats are still crying over the end of the Mueller probe, most of them have trashed Barr’s limited involvement in that as not thoroughly transparent.

However, in this scenario, they’re also attacking the AG over the healthcare scenario. They are searching for anything they can use as ammunition against the Attorney General now to try to penalize him for not releasing the whole Mueller report.

According to this CNN contributor, “If Barr cares at all about the long-term institutional credibility of the Justice Department, he should resign in protest” due to the healthcare scenario in which the Justice Department has come forward to invalidate the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

This writer has insisted that the AG has not defended the constitution and instead has yielded to the executive orders of the President.

“No one would argue that the attorney general can overrule the President. But when the President demands that the Justice Department take an unreasonable litigating position for partisan political purposes, an attorney general who cares about the Justice Department’s long-term credibility can refuse and be fired (such as then-Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, who refused to defend the first iteration of President Trump’s travel ban), or he can — and should — resign.”