//POTUS: “I Believe John Brennan Is A Sick person”

POTUS: “I Believe John Brennan Is A Sick person”

“I believe Brennan is a sick person. I really do. I think there is something wrong with him, for him to come out of the CIA and act that way was so disrespectful to the country and to the CIA and to the position he held,” Trump said in an interview on Wednesday with Sean Hannity.

Former CIA Director John Brennan had initially concluded without any evidence that the POTUS and his campaign had colluded with Russia in the 2016 election. Obviously, we now know this not to be true.

Based on a false dossier and some cloudy judgement, America’s agencies turned on their own President quite quickly, which is quite unsettling for a lot of Americans who want to have faith in their government.

Brennan was possibly the biggest promoter of the Russian interference conspiracy theory. He joined MSNBC as a contributor after he had left office to further discuss the topic.

Even as recently as this March, Brennan had predicted that the Robert Mueller-led probe would probably indict members of Trump’s family. We know this is no longer the case, and Brennan attributed it to potentially “receiving bad information.”

“He was not considered good at what he did; he was never a respected guy. Tough guy but not a respected guy,” Trump said. “But he lied. … This is a man who really is either sick or there’s some other problem.”

This is just another spoke in the wheel of lies coming from Brennan, former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI agent Peter Strzok, and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who could be prosecuted.

“As you know, Clapper lied, and perhaps the statute of limitation’s run out on that one, but it didn’t run out on Comey. It didn’t run out on Brennan or Strzok or Page or McCabe,” the president stated.

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