//“Gun-Free” London Sheds Light On Failures Behind Gun Control

“Gun-Free” London Sheds Light On Failures Behind Gun Control

London, a “gun-free” zone notorious for anti-weaponry policies, saw some bloodshed over the past few days.

This is something that isn’t supposed to happen, at least according to their blind policies that insist that criminals will abide by the laws of “gun-free zones” and not go around killing anyone.

A teenage boy was shot and killed in London only minutes after a man in his thirties was stabbed in the head in the British capital, which is seeing rising surges in crime.

This sheds some light on the growing trend that gun crime is increasing in the UK, regardless of their “sweeping” gun control measures that ban private firearms ownership for defensive purposes anywhere except for Northern Ireland.

Just one day before the West Norwood shooting, Metro Police announced that they had come across an arsenal of explosives and firearms including “three AK-47 assault rifles, one sub-machine gun, two shotguns, one revolver, one self-loading pistol, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and 22 grenades.”

According to Breitbart, “Violent criminals themselves have suggested weak sentences and mass immigration have also played a role in the breakdown of law and order in the city.”

Even the United Kingdom’s gun control sheds light on a complete and utter failure as criminals are now the only ones with firearms, showing what happens when individuals rid themselves of their own proper protection. This follows suit with statistical trends that the majority of America’s mass shootings are in gun-free zones or protected states that have more stringent gun control laws.

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