//Gropin’ Joe Biden Says ‘White Man’s Culture’ Has ‘Got to Change’

Gropin’ Joe Biden Says ‘White Man’s Culture’ Has ‘Got to Change’

First, we want to start this article off with a very simple reminder for everyone: It’s okay to be white! It’s also okay to be any other ethnicity or race!

Also, we want to preface that we recognized Joe Biden is a hypocrite prior to writing the article.

Joe Biden, however, has stepped forward and once again attempted to join a train of celebrities, politicians, groups, and companies who have decided that the “white man” is evil in his current state, and decided for us all that every white man is the exact same, that being just a terrible human being and that “white man’s culture” is a problem when it comes to sexual assault.

To be clear, sexual assault is not condoned whatsoever by us. But why is Joe Biden singling out one group? Rape culture and sexual assault exist in many circles and races of all kinds… Addressing and singling out one group is racist and no longer acceptable. The continued and blatant discrimination toward white men as if they have had life handed to them so easily and walk around raping everyone is completely racist and not in any way true.

Biden played into this by trying to drum up additional attention as he is a potential 2020 Democratic candidate.

“It’s an English jurisprudential culture, a white man’s culture,” Biden said. “It’s got to change.”