//Avenatti Says ‘The Facts Are On My Side’

Avenatti Says ‘The Facts Are On My Side’

Michael Avenatti, the ever-so-[un]popular attorney came forward on Wednesday on “CBS This Morning” to deny any wrongdoing. The attorney was charged with attempting to export millions of dollars from Nike.

“Any suggestion is absolutely absurd,” Avenatti claimed. “Nike knew, from the very first moment that I had any contact with Nike, that I was insisting that the truth about what Nike had done be disclosed to federal prosecutors and investigators.”

“I’m not gonna get into the specifics of this,” Avenatti exclaimed. “But what I will say is the way this has been framed is not accurate. It’s just not accurate. And in fact, from the very first moment that we had any meeting with Nike, we made it clear that under no circumstances would we participate in anything that did not require full disclosure to investigators and the federal government.”

“I am confident because I believe the facts are on my side,” he said.

In all seriousness, this is probably not the case, though. Avenatti has been embattled in drama ever since his name was first mentioned on a national scale.