//After 2800 Subpoenas, Schiff Still Believes ‘Undoubtedly There is Collusion’

After 2800 Subpoenas, Schiff Still Believes ‘Undoubtedly There is Collusion’

The chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California who is unable to put his bias aside, still insists there is some sort of collusion.

Even though 2800 subpoenas, 500 witness interviews conducted, 40 FBI agents brought in, and 13 foreign requests for additional details led to evidence that no crime was committed, the Democrats still insist that Trump is guilty until proven innocent, even after he was proven innocent.

These staunch Democrats, namely Schiff and Swalwell, as well as Maxine Waters, have repeatedly risen their voices to say they believe there was collusion without even a shred of any evidence. Their insistence on this is not only insulting to the 40 FBI agents that investigated it, it’s insulting to the American population that these individuals think they can fool us into believing in finding parties guilty and requiring them to be proven innocent. The constitution says otherwise. Regardless, Trump was completely proven innocent, undoubtedly according to the American public, and there is not any more to come of this topic.

Key figures in the Democrat party are unable to move on as they hold onto some sort of shred of hope that there is something that went wrong when, in reality, the wrong candidate was investigated.

Republicans are demanding Schiff’s resignation from his current House Intelligence Committee chairman post as he has claimed at least 14 times that there was evidence of collusion. At no point in time has any collusion been found, leading to a clear bias by an individual who is in a position that should be after truth instead of spreading false news.