//Jussie Smollett Charges Dropped

Jussie Smollett Charges Dropped

The “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett has managed to squeeze his way out of a tight situation. The case against him was dropped.

“Today, all criminal charges against Jussie Smollett were dropped and his record has been wiped clean of the filing of this tragic complaint against him,” Smollett’s attorneys said in a statement. “Jussie was attacked by two people he was unable to identify on January 29th. He was a victim who was vilified and made to appear as a perpetrator as a result of false and inappropriate remarks made to the public causing an inappropriate rush to judgement.”

Allegations against Smollett were related to an apparent false attack. Smollett identified himself as a victim of the attack in which two of his friends were hired to stage. Smollett was apparently unhappy about his salary and was looking to gain publicity and media outreach over the event by playing a victimizing racial and homosexual card.

Smollett has tried to maintain his innocence through the situation; however, the evidence against him was somewhat overwhelming. Smollett was charged initially with 16 counts of disorderly conduct. The reasoning behind the charges being dropped has not yet been expressly stated.