//$1 Billion Guaranteed for 57 Miles of Border Wall

$1 Billion Guaranteed for 57 Miles of Border Wall

Here come the tears! The border wall will be coming, and that is an absolute fact. It’s about time, really. We need to protect our own borders, and there is no stable and sound argument against that.

The acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has officially authorized that the Army Corps of Engineers can begin planning and constructing at least 57 miles of border barriers. These barriers will be 18 feet high and located near Yuma, Arizona, and El Paso, Texas, along the US border with Mexico.

The Pentagon says it is looking at diverting roughly $1 billion to support the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) initiative. The funding will also be allocated toward the installation of lighting and constructing roads within those areas.

The Corps’ focus, according to Shanahan, will be blocking “drug-smuggling corridors.”

According to ABCNews, “The El Paso sector has suddenly become the second-busiest corridor for illegal border crossings after Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, many of them asylum-seeking families from Central America. The Yuma sector has also witnessed a jump in illegal crossings, particularly Guatemalan families in remote areas.”