//Beto Says Capitalism is Racist

Beto Says Capitalism is Racist

Even though presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke has labeled himself a capitalist, he has come forward to claim capitalism is “unfair, unjust, and racist.”

“I think Beto understands Capitalism just fine,” Fox News contributor Liz Peek said in a statement. “He has a very wealthy [father-in-law]. He’s made some money. When he’s raising $6 million, I think he gets it.”

With capitalism’s capabilities at an all time high, Beto’s comments are somewhat confusing. He is, after all, a wealthy recipient to the tune of tens of millions of dollars earned through various capitalist outlets.

Let’s not forget what’s really happening here. It appears Beto is just trying to acquire some additional votes from those who are unable to delay gratification, and instead want money and want it now. To the individuals whom don’t desire to work, any amount unearned sounds good to them. Beto is serving that up on a silver platter, just fishing for votes and hoping he reels some in, regardless of what is actually coming out of his mouth.